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Wikimania 2024 Programming Call for Proposals

We are now reviewing the proposals. We will communicate decisions about proposals starting in May.

About Wikimania

ई 19वां संस्करण स्वयंसेवक, अध्याय आरू उपयोगकर्ता समूह के बीच सहयोग होतै, आर मध्य आरू पूर्वी यूरोप क्षेत्र के केंद्र होतै । २० मार्च २०२३ क॑ ई घोषणा करलऽ गेलै कि Kraków, Poland २०२४ केरऽ गर्मी म॑ विकिमेनिया केरऽ मेजबानी करतै ।

  Wikimania is the annual conference celebrating all the free knowledge projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation  Wikimedia Commons,   MediaWiki,   Meta-Wiki,   Wikibooks,   Wikidata,   Wikifunctions,   Wikinews,   Wikipedia,   Wikiquote,   Wikisource,   Wikispecies,   Wikiversity,   Wikivoyage, and   Wiktionary – with days of conferences, discussions, meetups, training, and workshops. Hundreds of volunteers and Free Knowledge leaders from around the world gather to discuss issues, report on new projects and approaches, and exchange ideas.

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